The lack of Diversity at UCLA

In this video, we concentrated on the lack of diversity at the UCLA campus. Many outsiders or even students are not aware of the critical issue that is amongst minorities that attend or want to attend the university.With the university claiming to be one of the ‘world’s diverse campus’ it statistics show otherwise. Many students such as African Americans are on a sports scholarship and are recruited for their abilities and benefit of the university’s sport’s record. Nevertheless many African Americans and other minorities agree on the lack of diversity among the UCLA campus and the unfairness regarding admission to minorities. As in the video above , we interviewed one of UCLA’s Running back, Roosevelt Davis, a Junior expressing himself on how he felt due to the lack of diversity taking place at his school. During the interview Davis mentioned that he felt as tho he was Rosa Parks at the back of the bus when he was in some classes due to majority of the students being Caucasian or of Asian descent. Davis also mentioned how the only African American students in his class other than him were either his teammates or other athletes that play different sports. What does that say about the lack of diversity even in classrooms? Many UCLA minority students do feel isolated in the beginning of the school year, especially freshmen who have to adapt to a different environment. We also interviewed Lorraine Arredondo, a Latina Senior at UCLA, during her interview she mentioned how not having affirmative action and the school not being fair with admitting certain percentage of different ethnic groups is very sad. Arredondo also mentioned how the UCLA’s latest controversy movement on the lack of diversity caught the attention of some students as they felt that it wasn’t fair, so they decided to have different events during school to show the school that it is a serious issue. The diversity bake sale brought attention to many as a group of students were selling cookies with different prices depending on one’s ethnicity. In our slideshow that we provided it shows the different angles and the different people that don’t realize how bad the lack of diversity at their school is. In many of the pictures we chose to input in our slideshow gave a vivid picture of this controversial issue. For example, we provided a picture of the practice football field indicating that if UCLA continues with the lack of diversity most athletes won’t want to get recruited due to them being used for their skill, what would the school due if football fields were to be empty by most athletes putting a stop to the university’s showing no appreciation to them. In another photo we provided shows how an African American student is walking on his own away from the crowd indicating isolation. The more students are aware of the issue the faster they can put a stop to it.


Pop Culture Critique


On the show Basketball Wives season 4,  Tami, one of the main characters on the show who shares a central role on the Television show, she had the most drama and went through different issues with her daughter’s father finally owning up to his children. As most audience would describe her would probably be as “Ghetto,” dramatic, violent, and blunt which would automatically make the audience categorize Black women to be like that. Tami is a middle- aged women whom was once married to a professional basketball player. In my opinion she can be described as blunt because she lets people know exactly how she feels regarding any situation she approaches. The show’s setting takes place in Miami,FL. The main characters in the show are Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Kesha, Royce, Jennifer, Suzie, and Kenya. The theme of this show is about ex-girlfriends,wives and current girlfriends that have had an encounter with NBA basketball players. The way this small group of women carry and deal with different issues with each other is quite interesting, depending on different issues within the group they get into verbal or sometimes physical fights. The show represents issues of race because most of the women in the show appear to be Black and  as well as Puerto Rican. The gender of the characters in this show are all females and are all wealthy as well as glamorous by the illusion of  “reality TV.” The way the audience portrays Tami because of her behavior and the way she acts in front of the camera gives out the idealization of how people think of Black women to be as in being loud,outspoken and blunt. The culture of this show is very urban and glamorous at the same time. Although the obstacles Tami faced throughout the show her attitude and how she decided to go to anger management towards the end of the show due to personal issues benefited her a lot as a women. Not only was her attitude really bad, but the way she resolved her issues was on another level, battery was always the solution for her.The codes might be different if a person of a dominant gender played the characters in this show it would be nothing different from if women were to be played in this show because in my opinion I think men are just as realistic towards one another just as women are. Not only do I think men are more scandalous than women but as for other realistic facts I believe they are more violent and tend to always resolve their issues by fighting. As for the dominant race if they were to portray the characters in the show as lets just say the ethnicity would be Caucasian it wouldn’t change as much because it’ll be as dramatic. Class shouldn’t really be portrayed but if it was I feel like it would be very vulgar and women from the opposite class can be more violent more than most of the women in this show kind of are already. Sexuality wise I feel like it would be entertaining because of the way it people would view the show just because of the sexuality the characters would be. Audience would never imagine to tune in to a show from different sexualities. The symbols do challenge the “controlling images” created about Black Women because of how the women in this show act.  As for Tami is much older than most of the women but she still isn’t afraid to let people know how she feels and what is going through her head. As for the “controlling images” I believe that Tami portrays that really well just because she is very loud,outspoken, and is to real which most people tend to critique Black women in being like that. It’s wrong for people to do that because just as any individual just because your race can be categorized as a certain personality trait that doesn’t mean you’re going to be like that. Yes, some men do seem to speak poorly of Black women and insult them and call them: “ghetto,” outspoken,loud, and violent, some of those characteristics don’t all match all Black women. In this show it showed how women on the show can get out of control but as well makes audiences believe that since most of the cast in this show are Black women it instantly makes them create their own opinions. If a foreigner was to first watch this show and not really now how African-American women act in the U.S they would instantly get scared of Black women and start thinking this image that isn’t really like that due to all the vulgar language and violence in the show. The reason I chose to analyze the show Basketball Wives was because I found it interesting how the pop culture in this show is so unrealistic and over dramatic. For some of the men I believe that if they were to be in the shoes of the cast it would be very dramatic and scandalous because as men they would have more issues on to who they would be sleeping with and cheating with. Men don’t seem to realize that they can be just as bad as the make women be. It shouldn’t matter upon the skin color or race but in some shows they degrade Black women as the “nanny” or the “ghetto” girl just because of the stereotype they have. Stereotypes aren’t always correct and I personally feel like it depends on the person to portray who they want to be. The power structure due to “white patriarchal capitalist supremacy,” has a lot to do with black women because of their color sometimes, even if they’re light skinned they tend to have more power than the dark skinned women which is sad because as long being of a lighter shade people will treat you differently rather than of being of a darker shade people will automatically start judging based on being bias.


chapters 11 & 12 Patricia Collins

Black feminist epistemology alter the hegemonic or dominant ideologies of our society by how the female sex tends to still show how they are and what they do in other words.  Black feminist epistemology as well shows the way women gain knowledge and how they act towards what they know. Most Black feminist epistemology feel like they’re experiences will help them gain a new meaning to how they look at it. Black feminist epistemology alters the dominant ideologies of our society a bit by still having the way of thought and nobody letting them change their way of thinking and their opinions. I also feel like Black feminist’s knowledge is very important to Black women’s empowerment today because it helps Black women think more openly and not limited. Black feminist made it clear that all women should get their own respect and try to form their own ideas of how exactly they feel about how White men had it seem like everything they had thought and made it seem like they knew exactly what was true, rather than a Black feministthat thought completely different towards their view point it made it more easier to understand that what the White men thought wasn’t true but just based upon their own opinions. Other types of groups whether it’s Black men, White women, other women of color, and working class white men can learn a lot from Black feminists so they can understand that it’s not always a White men’s world that we live in but an individual world that is ran my different ethnic groups and different thoughts of everyone because not everyone thinks alike. It would be a good different point of view that they learn from regarding a Black feminist epistemology.I can locate myself in this because coming from a hispanic background and middle class I believe that a White men’s thoughts on how they view the world is not quite accurate because colored people have a say as well and of course it’s ok to have a mind of our own.

Chapters 9 &10 Patricia Collins

Transversal Politics

Patricia collins specifies that Black women should engage in “transversal politics” activism as well as the importance of placing Black feminism in a transnational context. Collins specifies that Black women should engage in “transversal politics,” which is a type of activism where “participants bring with them a rooting in their own particular group histories, but at the same time realize that in order to engage in dialogue across multiple markers of difference, they must shift from their own centers” (265), what Collins is trying to say by this quote is that in order to make their words spread out to different people and have their words count and make difference they would need to move to different location that would benefit their words and impact their lives with as well their children’s. Transversal Politics has a definite touch with different political difference throughout the Black women’s society and world. What Collins thinks that by shifting from their own centers is because after a certain activism type of thing going on they might need to move somewhere else due to joining the activism march with the other people apart of what situation they are going through. These shifts would facilitate transnational connections between women of Africa descent from throughout the globe because these women identified a connection with making their voice get acknowledge in which would definitely spread worldwide based on influencing other women to go out and do what they believe in. Transversal Politics can build potential coalitions between Black Women and other historically oppressed groups because the issues that other oppressed groups have can unite other groups and make them feel like the other group is giving them advice of some sort. I feel like transversal politics have a lot of unity with other groups just because of other groups other than African-American women but for as well as other groups that went through the same situations. 

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Chapters 5 & 6 (Patricia Collins)

In my opinion I feel like the statement “By insisting on self-definition, Black women question not only what has been said about African American women, but the credibility and the intentions of those possessing the power to define,” (125), this quote is basically saying that most African American women tend to question about how people define Black women and what the intentions of the critics saying or thinking about base on their color and their sex. This statement means a lot because it states how Black women are being defined based upon their color and sex not because of their physical traits or personality.A Black women is defined as outspoken and self-assertive, but in reality that’s not the case. It shouldn’t be wrong to not be able to speak your mind or express yourself emotionally.For Black women that isn’t the case they are identified to be that particular way and in which society “degrade” women. “The struggle of living two lives, one for them and one for ourselves (Gwaltney 1980,240) create a peculiar tension to construct independent self-definitions within a context where Black womanhood remains routinely derogated”(99-100). In this quote it states that Black women do then to think that they have two lives because of the way society made them think of what to think of themselves when being defined. It has always been of what other people thought of them that they can never think of a way to conclude that THEIR opinion is the only one that counts. It’s amazing how a women can’t self define herself due to what people back in time felt like identifying them. As in the book Black Feminist Thoughts by Patricia Collins, She stated that Pauli Murray said: “My own self-esteem was elusive and difficult to sustain. I was not entirely free from the prevalent idea that I must prove myself worthy of the rights that white individuals took for granted.This psychological conditioning along with fear had reduced my capacity for resistance to racial injustice”(100).

Chapters 3 & 4 (Patricia Collins) controlling images

 In chapters 3 & 4 it was discussed that many Black women still endure due to poor salary and because of their sex and color. Back in the era the color of Black women mattered a lot because they were being put into duty as either the “mammies” or even the workers out in the field with the rest of the men. It’s crucial that not only did women get treated really bad due to their skin tone but they also got harassed by White men that thought they had the power to do whatever they wanted to Black women. Nowadays sexual harassment has been handled and of course is not permitted under the law in the 50 states. There is a variety of things that are “controlling images” for example the right to vote was controlled by White colored people and wouldn’t let any colored individuals take the initiative to actually vote. Compared to today everyone has the right to vote, I believe that back in the day it was more racist and unfair,why does it have to do with what color of skin tone you are definitely NOTHING! Another controlling image Collins discussed in the book was how Black women worked as “mammies” and took care of the White women’s kids because they needed a babysitter basically like a daycare. Most of the jobs they had Black women work in was the basic jobs but since most Black women were put in White Homes to be “mammies” that those basic jobs were getting overpopulated that the women were put to work in the fields with all of the men. A lot of women had to work because of their husbands they didn’t get paid well enough so the women had to step up and work as well just like the man just to keep the household steady for food and water and everything else that they needed. 

chpts 1 & 2 (black feminists thought)

What I’ve learned from chapters 1 & 2’s chapters on Black Feminist thoughts is that the politics of Black Feminist thought oppression. As well that black women had to fight for the right to vote. Back in the day it was hard for black women to have the right to vote not only because it was hard for women to gain the right to vote but as well it was hard for black women to gain the right to vote because of their skin color. It was stated on tuesday’s class lecture that black women fought for the right to vote  and that the fair treatment by criminal justice system. A lot of people get different point of views when it comes to black  women just because of all these different negative stereotypes black women have. Before WWII Black women would work and had a inside view into the white household, like for example when Black women would go into white household and were the white folks’ nannies. Many black feminists couldn’t read nor write, but it was difficult to defined the tradition with no name. I also learned from this chapter that black women’s realities through moments.