Chapters 3 & 4 (Patricia Collins) controlling images

 In chapters 3 & 4 it was discussed that many Black women still endure due to poor salary and because of their sex and color. Back in the era the color of Black women mattered a lot because they were being put into duty as either the “mammies” or even the workers out in the field with the rest of the men. It’s crucial that not only did women get treated really bad due to their skin tone but they also got harassed by White men that thought they had the power to do whatever they wanted to Black women. Nowadays sexual harassment has been handled and of course is not permitted under the law in the 50 states. There is a variety of things that are “controlling images” for example the right to vote was controlled by White colored people and wouldn’t let any colored individuals take the initiative to actually vote. Compared to today everyone has the right to vote, I believe that back in the day it was more racist and unfair,why does it have to do with what color of skin tone you are definitely NOTHING! Another controlling image Collins discussed in the book was how Black women worked as “mammies” and took care of the White women’s kids because they needed a babysitter basically like a daycare. Most of the jobs they had Black women work in was the basic jobs but since most Black women were put in White Homes to be “mammies” that those basic jobs were getting overpopulated that the women were put to work in the fields with all of the men. A lot of women had to work because of their husbands they didn’t get paid well enough so the women had to step up and work as well just like the man just to keep the household steady for food and water and everything else that they needed. 


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