Chapters 9 &10 Patricia Collins

Patricia collins specifies that Black women should engage in Transversal Politics activism as well as the importance of placing Black feminism in a transnational context. Collins specifies that Black women should engage in Transversal Politics, which is a type of activism where “participants bring with them a rooting in their own particular group histories, but at the same time realize that in order to engage in dialogue across multiple markers of difference, they must shift from their own centers” (265), what Collins is trying to say by this quote is that in order to make their words spread out to different people and have their words count and make difference they would need to move to different location that would benefit their words and impact their lives with as well their children’s. Transversal Politics has a definite touch with different political difference throughout the Black women’s society and world. What Collins thinks that by shifting from their own centers is because after a certain activism type of thing going on they might need to move somewhere else due to joining the activism march with the other people apart of what situation they are going through. These shifts would facilitate transnational connections between women of Africa descent from throughout the globe because these women identified a connection with making their voice get acknowledge in which would definitely spread worldwide based on influencing other women to go out and do what they believe in. Transversal Politics can build potential coalitions between Black Women and other historically oppressed groups because the issues that other oppressed groups have can unite other groups and make them feel like the other group is giving them advice of some sort. I feel like transversal politics have a lot of unity with other groups just because of other groups other than African-American women but for as well as other groups that went through the same situations.


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