chapters 11 & 12 Patricia Collins

Black feminist epistemology alter the hegemonic or dominant ideologies of our society by how the female sex tends to still show how they are and what they do in other words.  Black feminist epistemology as well shows the way women gain knowledge and how they act towards what they know. Most Black feminist epistemology feel like they’re experiences will help them gain a new meaning to how they look at it. Black feminist epistemology alters the dominant ideologies of our society a bit by still having the way of thought and nobody letting them change their way of thinking and their opinions. I also feel like Black feminist’s knowledge is very important to Black women’s empowerment today because it helps Black women think more openly and not limited. Black feminist made it clear that all women should get their own respect and try to form their own ideas of how exactly they feel about how White men had it seem like everything they had thought and made it seem like they knew exactly what was true, rather than a Black feministthat thought completely different towards their view point it made it more easier to understand that what the White men thought wasn’t true but just based upon their own opinions. Other types of groups whether it’s Black men, White women, other women of color, and working class white men can learn a lot from Black feminists so they can understand that it’s not always a White men’s world that we live in but an individual world that is ran my different ethnic groups and different thoughts of everyone because not everyone thinks alike. It would be a good different point of view that they learn from regarding a Black feminist epistemology.I can locate myself in this because coming from a hispanic background and middle class I believe that a White men’s thoughts on how they view the world is not quite accurate because colored people have a say as well and of course it’s ok to have a mind of our own.


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