The lack of Diversity at UCLA

In this video, we concentrated on the lack of diversity at the UCLA campus. Many outsiders or even students are not aware of the critical issue that is amongst minorities that attend or want to attend the university.With the university claiming to be one of the ‘world’s diverse campus’ it statistics show otherwise. Many students such as African Americans are on a sports scholarship and are recruited for their abilities and benefit of the university’s sport’s record. Nevertheless many African Americans and other minorities agree on the lack of diversity among the UCLA campus and the unfairness regarding admission to minorities. As in the video above , we interviewed one of UCLA’s Running back, Roosevelt Davis, a Junior expressing himself on how he felt due to the lack of diversity taking place at his school. During the interview Davis mentioned that he felt as tho he was Rosa Parks at the back of the bus when he was in some classes due to majority of the students being Caucasian or of Asian descent. Davis also mentioned how the only African American students in his class other than him were either his teammates or other athletes that play different sports. What does that say about the lack of diversity even in classrooms? Many UCLA minority students do feel isolated in the beginning of the school year, especially freshmen who have to adapt to a different environment. We also interviewed Lorraine Arredondo, a Latina Senior at UCLA, during her interview she mentioned how not having affirmative action and the school not being fair with admitting certain percentage of different ethnic groups is very sad. Arredondo also mentioned how the UCLA’s latest controversy movement on the lack of diversity caught the attention of some students as they felt that it wasn’t fair, so they decided to have different events during school to show the school that it is a serious issue. The diversity bake sale brought attention to many as a group of students were selling cookies with different prices depending on one’s ethnicity. In our slideshow that we provided it shows the different angles and the different people that don’t realize how bad the lack of diversity at their school is. In many of the pictures we chose to input in our slideshow gave a vivid picture of this controversial issue. For example, we provided a picture of the practice football field indicating that if UCLA continues with the lack of diversity most athletes won’t want to get recruited due to them being used for their skill, what would the school due if football fields were to be empty by most athletes putting a stop to the university’s showing no appreciation to them. In another photo we provided shows how an African American student is walking on his own away from the crowd indicating isolation. The more students are aware of the issue the faster they can put a stop to it.